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Magnavale Confirmed as the First Business Donor of BrightLife’s 2023/24 Fundraising Campaign

BrightLife have confirmed Magnavale Ltd as their first business donor of their newly launched 2023/24 fundraising campaign.

Following a significant change in the fundraising landscape for charities since the Covid pandemic BrightLife has found itself having to adapt so as to sustain its support services. Last year the Charity began the process of engaging with the local business community as a means to raise funds and building on the success of that effort, and in what was ‘a first’ for the charity in reaching out to and raising funds from local businesses, the charity has now launched its 2023/24 fundraising campaign. The plans for the 2023/24 campaign are to generate donations that enable the charity to not only sustain its existing support services, but also to expand them. The charity’s ambition is to provide support to more of those older people who are lonely and isolated via its primary support service - a telephone befriending service.

In addition to the expansion of the charity’s telephone befriending service BrightLife plans to add a new support service with the provision of ten face to face, social meetings per year. The ten social events per year will offer people the means to meet in a face to face environment and socialise with like minded individuals who are otherwise lonely. The longer-term objective is that these social functions will enable people to make new connections and friendships that provide the means to permanently remove them from loneliness and isolation.

Ann Monk, the charity’s CO said “In these difficult economic times it’s important now more than ever that we all work more closely together to deliver solutions for what are ongoing problems and challenges within our communities. When I say “We”, I mean charities, the public and local businesses alike, all working increasingly closer, as part of the community. The support of Magnavale has been incredible. As a small, local charity it’s important that we look to reciprocate value back to our business donors wherever possible and we can do so via various volunteering initiatives as well as marketing support. The willingness from Magnavale to want to offer their support and to help our charity has been constant since we contacted them. We can’t thank them enough for their support and hope many other local businesses can follow their example.”

Amanda Cogan, Magnavale COO commented: “We are thrilled once more to extend our support to this incredibly meaningful endeavour. At Magnavale Chesterfield Ltd, we hold the local community in high regard, and thus, partnering with BrightLife, a local charity dedicated to making a profound impact in our community, aligns seamlessly with our fundamental principles and values."

Magnavale Ltd, is one of the UK’s leading temperature controlled storage and value added firms, with its headquarters based in Chesterfield.

BrightLife is a local charity dedicated to preventing loneliness and isolation occurring amongst older people living in Chesterfield, Bolsover and North East Derbyshire.

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