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Working together to help 500 elderly people in Chesterfield move away from isolation and loneliness 


Retirement is to be a time to enjoy the remaining years isn't it?

Spend time with family and friends. Creating new memories and adventures.

Well for many, that dream never happens. There are many people in Chesterfield who don't have family or even friends to help them feel part of something. This leads to feelings of isolation, loneliness and in some cases poverty.

That was never the dream for anyone.

But we can all help someone feel a little brighter about their day


Our Telephone Befriending Service enables our team of volunteers to make calls each week to elderly people who have little to no human contact.

The little things that we all take for granted are often missing with vulnerable elderly people and each call we make brings joy. We want to make as many calls as we can each week

Using modern technology we can reach out to those who simply want someone to talk to. Using a phone, or a computer or tablet screen we want them to feel cared for and purposeful.

Our team of volunteers and trained to ensure that we deliver a service that brightens someones day and put a smile on their face.


Government funding just isn't enough.


Through our services, we reach out to elderly vulnerable people in Chesterfield every week.

Our Telephone Befriending Service project is simply a few calls a week to have a chat. It doesn't sound like much but it makes all the difference in the world to those we reach.

To run Telephone Befriending Service we have a small team of very special people. People that take time out of their day to say hello to a person that they may never meet. We are currently staffed enough to look after 100 people of Chesterfield but it's not enough. There are over 28,000 people on Chesterfield over the age of 60 so our efforts need to be increased.




Our amazing team of volunteers make it all possible.

Without them, we would have no chance of achieving our mission at BrightLife.

We are always looking to welcome new people into our team of trained volunteers to help and assist others who need their company and assurance.

if you would like to join us and can spare 4 hours per week we would love to hear from you.

With our technology base, we can allow you to work either remotely or from our office

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